Marnie "Whispering Feather"

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"Whispering Feather"


Marnie Human Form.png

Character Name Marnie
Pronouns She/Her
Fera Corax
Auspice Ragabash (Corax)
Breed Corvid
Rank Cliath
Sept Sept of New Growth

Further Information

Marnie Corvid Form.png

Marnie is of a pale complexion due to using her homid form rarely. She is a 5ft woman with more energy than she should have. She has a battle scar in the form of discoloration from chemical burns on her beak/around her mouth.

  • Born October 13, 2010
  • First turn May 19, 2014
  • Earned her dead name January 2nd, 2018
  • Assisted in the planting of Sept of New Growth's Caern Seed in 2018
  • Joined Sept of New Growth October 2018

"Whispering Feather" has always lived in New Orleans, being hatched in City Park. She wonders about her father's deeds during his time alive, as he stayed to defend the Sept of Still Waters. Her mother left, protecting the Spirit Egg.

Marnie was taught by her mother for years, not knowing of any other Shifters until she heard the call to assist the Caern Seed planting. She stayed with her mother for a few more months before they both tried to move onto the Sept of New Growth. Marnie was accepted, but her mother was not. Her mother's whereabouts are unknown to the Sept and Marnie.


  • "I know this one, and where she stood on that night with me. She earned my respect with blood and claws, she has to just ask for help and I would take up her fights." - Warborn

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OOC Information
Player Arianna Parrish
Pronouns She/Her
MES # US2019040035
Domain LA-005-D
Storyteller Nathan Brown US2018050051