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Aleksei "Leshiy" Borovoi


Pronouns He/him
Kith Ghillie Dhu
Court Shadow Court
Seeming Wilder
Freehold The United Freehold of Skyfire Citadel

Further Information

Leshiy is hiding somewhere in this picture.

If you can see him at all in the first place, Leshiy appears as a wiry Slavic man in his 40s, looking unusually pale and sunken-eyed, yet surprisingly easy-going for his appearance. He dresses in outdoorsy jeans-and-flannel, or in army-style camouflage of slightly unusual coloration. You can bet good money there's at least one loaded weapon on him somewhere.

His Fae Mien is gnarled and twisted, like a tree that could not decide in which direction it should grow.


2016 - Leshiy moves to the US from Belarus, and settles somewhere in Michigan. He doesn't talk about his life in the Old Country, or his reasons for moving.

(Also pending DPotM approval.)

  • Leshiy regularly forages through the Dreaming for Curios, and usually has some to trade.
  • If you ever get lost in the Ottawa National Forest, bow in four cardinal directions, call out to Leshiy, and promise to buy him a drink. He'll show up to lead you out.
  • Or... maybe don't. There have been people gone missing in those woods.
  • He is also behind most of the Bigfoot sightings in the area.
  • Leshiy has a YouTube channel where he shows off assorted survival techniques.

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When I am with them, I stop dying,
Their hands are open and words have color,
They breathe fresh grass, and they do not care,
That the Major is coming to destroy them all.

None of them will accept us, none will understand,
But the Major shall slip, and the Major shall fall,
For we are ice under Major's feet!
- Yegor Letov, "We Are Ice"
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OOC Information
Leshiy Red Forest.jpeg
Player Peter V.
Pronouns He/him
MES # US2007111280
Domain GL-VIR-D
Storyteller M. Alan Thomas II