Hallelujah Money

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Hallelujah Money



Character Name Dita Barilla
Pronouns She/Her
Fera Ajaba
Auspice Midnight
Breed Homid (Ajaba)
Rank Adren
Sept Sept of Stained Foundations
Pack Road Warriors
Position(s) Sept Alpha

Further Information

Dita Hyena.jpeg

Human: Hallelujah is a slight young woman in her early twenties with dark, short hair and striking light colored eyes. She's often wearing the latest mainstream fashions, though she's also always dressed for comfort.

She has recently gained a large Battle Scar that runs from the corner of her mouth all the way down to her jawline.

Hyaenid: Hallelujah takes the form of a South African Brown Hyena, with sharply pointed ears and a cream-colored, circular mane, shaggy brown coat, and strikingly striped legs.

  • 2013: Hallelujah shows up in a box on US shores, where she is found by Sebastian. The Bastet takes her into his care, not knowing if she is human, kinfolk or otherwise. To him, she does not speak a lick of English.
  • 2017: Hallelujah has her First Change, much to Sebstian's surprise (but not to hers, it seems).

Dita & Sebastian claim the Colorado-based Sept of Stained Foundations as their current home

  • June 2021: After the death of Blossoming Hammer creates a vacuum of leadership in the Sept, Hallelujah takes the position of Truthcatcher to help at least keep a steady simulacrum of an Auspice Council going.
  • August 2021: Hallelujah challenges for and earns the position of Sept Alpha, with overwhelming support from the entirety of the Sept.
  • September 2021: Hallelujah is challenged for her position by the Red Talon Watches and Waits. She defends her title.
  • January 2021: Hallelujah completes her rank challenge to Adren. The challenge is overseen by Athro Ajaba "Bleedin' is One Thing" and accepted by the Master of Challenge, Luan.

In 2017, the young fresh-from-her-First-Change Ajaba showed up at the Sept of Stained Foundations in the care of the Bastet, Sebastian, both of them claiming a need for a family for her to properly learn down to be a member of the Nation. The two had been ramblers before then, and had driven through Denver in their Winnebago as simple passersby. They settled in fairly quickly- establishing the Road Warriors pack and having Sebastian step in to the Den Parent role.

She is close to her assistant & kinfolk, Russel, who helps her manage Weaver tech better than she's capable of.

She goes by Dita with her pack, though she seems to prefer being referred to by her deed name, or just as Hallelujah/ Miss Money, by anyone else.

Spotify Playlist: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/0oFn0MKDMlHJmD4AEKXcdh?si=414038fa4b1e4535

  • It's a widely known fact that Hallelujah runs the social media accounts of the influencer personality "@Farfalle", and that that is where she gets all of the money to support her ramshackle pack. Though @Farfalle looks completely different- light hair, rosy complexion, rounder features, etc...
  • Some say that she has the proud blood of the Simba in her, although her Ajaba heritage proved stronger. Why else would her people abandon her and send her to the U.S?

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Quotes from Hallelujah:

  • "Fake it 'till you break it."
  • "Make me a deal."
  • "Play the short game all you wish, we all have our gifts. I prefer the long game, where everyone gets what they deserve."

Quotes from Others:

  • "If Silver Fangs are old money, then Hallelujah is new money. Audacious, demanding and about as subtle as a brick through a window. We're either gonna get along great or we're going to kill each other." - Eat-the-Rich
    • "I mean, as a person who loves hurling bricks at expensive shit myself, I respect it, but you get what I'm saying, right?" - Eat-the-Rich
  • "First, she is a Sept Leader. If you plan to smear her name, know that alone will have me knock your teeth out. Second, She honestly makes me laugh. I'm a Fenris. Do the math." - Gerald Werner

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OOC Information
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Player Amber McCulloch
Pronouns She/Her
MES # US2017040043
Domain CO-016-D
Storyteller Brett McCulloch