Greene Amos

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Greene Amos


Mortal Name Moses Delacroix
Pronouns He / Him / They
Kith Ghillie Dhu
Court Unseelie Court
Seeming Eidolon

Further Information


  • Green Amos has experimented far too much with the ingestion of of bizarre flora from the Far and Deep dreaming. This consumption is causing a permanent shift in the Ghille Dhu that appears to be drawing him toward Bedlam.
  • Green Amos is far older than he lets on, perhaps centuries or beyond. A sense of displaced great eternity hovers around him.
  • Green Amos is secretly a hidden member of the Shadow Court, attempting to manipulate the commoners.
  • Green Amos is openly friendly with all Courts.
  • Green Amos is a secret backer of Noble society over Commoners.
  • Green Amos is a secret hero of the Common peoples, poised within the Nobles' council to act as the Commoner's secret blade when it is needed.
  • Green Amos holds vast knowledge of Kithain enemies not limited to The Autumn People, Human Hunter organizations, and The Dauntauin.

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  • Don't worry about how it tastes, it'll fix ya up!
  • Godam' I'll Drink to Dat! Oh Yeah! (add authentic Cajun gibberish) Woooooohhhhhooo!
  • You don't dance? You ain't had enough to drink yet!
  • Don't make no joke at the spirits or the dead, they both listen, and though we got rules, them rules don't make them no nevermind.
  • Don't go wanderin' round with no tether. You won't get back.
  • Here pass this around (Joint, mushrooms, blunt, bottle, mason jar etc.)
  • It's good for ya, it won't hurt ya!

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OOC Information
Player Justin Cross
Pronouns He / Him
MES # US2021030018
Domain LA-006-D
Storyteller John Berthelot