Garth Dunn

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Garth Dunn

Adren.png Child of Gaia.png Galliard.png Homid.png

Deed Name Rolling Thunder
Pronouns He/Him
Tribe Child of Gaia
Auspice Galliard
Breed Homid
Rank Adren
Sept Sept of Phoenix, AZ
Faction Gaian Alliance

Further Information


Garth is tall and athletic with blond hair and is always in jeans. He has a laid back demeanor, and always seems slightly interested in everything going on around him. He is quick with a smile, laugh, and joke. It doesn't take much to get him to sing for everyone's entertainment.


Garth was born February 25 1990 the youngest of 5 kids. (3 brothers, 1 sister.) Garth’s first change was March 22, 2008 a few months after his 18th Birthday. Garth went through his rite of passage May 20, 2009, and later that year had his first official gig as a singer. He followed his calling to tell tales through song, honing his craft by writing and performing songs in bars and other venues in flagstaff and the surrounding areas. He reached the rank of Adren October 5, 2019. He was also seeing a nice local fame that was slowly and surely spreading.


Garth is a locally famous Country singer in Phoenix. He loves to preform and write music for his Sept.

OOC Information
Player Casey Matthews
Pronouns He/Him
MES # US2018020063
Domain AZ-010-D
Storyteller Bryan Himebaugh