Edna Wilson

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Edna Jean Wilson
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Pronouns She/Her
Clan Ventrue
Sect Camarilla
Social Class Neonate
Morality Humanity
Position(s) Former Seneschal

Further Information


Notable Traits: Professional; Organized. Personal Masquerade.


Edna Wilson was the Primogen of clan Ventrue for a number of decades until Nikolas Preston-Clark (also of clan Ventrue) stepped into the role of Prince, left vacant by the 1933 disappearance of Archibald Crane of clan Tremere, and offered her the position of Seneschal.

After a series of attempts on her life orchestrated by Cosimo "Momo" Giovanni in early 2011, Edna has been lying low. She was not seen again in public until 2017, when she was questioned about the fire at The DeLuxe Night Club building near 18th and The Paseo.

  • Edna is the grandchilde of the former Prince, Nikolas Preston-Clark.
  • Edna has long been in a secret relationship with the (now) Don of the Kansas City Crime Family, Benito Giovanni.
  • Edna had a haven in the Independent Alliance territory.
  • Edna arranged for her grandsire to be assassinated, so she could become Prince.
  • The former Don of the Kansas City Crime Family, Cosimo "Momo" Giovanni, blames Edna for the death of his twin sister, Eleonora "Ella" Giovanni.
  • Edna set fire to her own haven at The DeLuxe Night Club and blamed it on the Giovanni.
  • Edna learned how to master her own Personal Masquerade in order to seduce Benito Giovanni.


"Leadership fails when trust is broken."

OOC Information
Portrayed by Bryan A. Ellis
Portrayer's Pronouns He/Him
Portrayer's MES Number US2014020011
Region North Central Region
Domain KS-020-D
VST Bryan A. Ellis