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Pronouns She/Her
Clan Nosferatu
Sect Anarch
Social Class Neonate
Morality Humanity

Further Information


Cookie is a slight woman who prefers high boots, short skirts, and a pleather bomber typically worn over a top that exposes her shoulders and midriff. She usually keeps her head under a balaclava to prevent her grotesque face from being captured on random cameras. (Status: Committed, Courageous)

  • 1957 - Born
  • 1977 - Embraced (sire unknown)
  • 1978-2020 - Long accustomed to keeping to herself, she was not very active in the Movement; she professed a disinterest in politics, and was not particularly committed to the cause though every now and then she would pop up to share something she had witnessed or overheard. Now that the Anarchs have formally split from the Camarilla, she is feeling greater pressure from her fellow vampires in the Movement to take an active role in their society and help them deal with the threat posed by agents of the Second Inquisition.

(Bad) Mood Music: Cookie's Playlist


  • She used to be a model.
  • A hard life has left wary of letting others get close to her; she can be so caustic that some call her "Cookie Monster."
  • She is still active as a prostitute. (It's a living and it keeps her fed.)
  • Her mysterious sire still keeps tabs on her; is that why she's always looking over her shoulder?

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OOC Information
Player BR
MES # US2010096592
Domain VA-013-D
Storyteller Nathan M.