Clio Farfalla

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Clio Farfalls

Clio Josie.jpeg

Pronouns she/her
Clan Kiasyd
Sect Loyalist
Social Class Neonate
Morality Path of Enlightenment
Pack The Wicked

Further Information


Clio is a flirtatious and flamboyant Kiasyd despite her intense appearance. She is tall, about 7 feet, though she is often lounging or walking with a slender prowl that deemphasizes her height. Her skin is purple and her eyes a bright red. When among Cainites, she wears an antiquated ceremonial Italian military uniform. She brings faint, shadowy butterflies with her wherever she goes.

  • 1900 - Birth year
  • 1915 - Is brought into the Italian army when the country joined WW1. She was a child tactical prodigy, and generals would run battle plans through her.
  • 1918 - Embrace year. Her sire intends for her to become a military leader in the Sabbat, and bring the Kiasyd the power and recognition they are due.
  • 1919 - Became True Sabbat
  • 1920s - It becomes rapidly apparent that Clio has no interest in fulfilling her sire’s plans, more content to party and revel in the Cainite condition than have any political ambition. They have many falling’s out, and they dominate and bond her to force her to do what they want and whisks her off to the front in America.
  • 1955 - Inés Ferrer Vidal frees Clio from her sire and appears to destroy them. From that point on, the two are inseparable, and Clio goes on to join The Wicked with Ines.
  • 1960 - Adopted the Path of Cathari
  • 2013 to 2017 - The Great Crusade. Clio does not go to the Middle East.
  • 2020 - Clio aids the assault in taking Port Harmony, along with the rest of The Wicked.
  • 2021 - Clio spends most of her time building her pack's haven and building her influence empire, missing most of the big events of the year.

Abbot of the The Wicked pack.

OOC Information
Player Josie S
Pronouns she/it
MES # US2017070106
Domain NT-001-D
Storyteller Chloe S