Chad Perry

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Chad Perry
Caitiff.PNG Anarch.PNG
Clan Caitiff
Sect Anarch
Social Class Ancilla
Morality Humanity

Further Information


Chad makes no secret of the fact he was embraced on the way home from Woodstock. He dresses in Hawaiian Shirts constantly and no matter the color of the shirt, the sunglasses always match

Beneath the relaxed exterior though is a man who knows far more than he seems. He's happy to learn, happy to teach and knows how to deal with everyone and everything and if he doesn't know, he'll learn

  • 1949 Born in Missouri
  • 1967 Dodges the draft and starts travelling across the USA in a camper van
  • 1969 Goes to Woodstock, gets embraced on the way home
  • 2015 Arrives in Boston

  • He's drug free despite appearances
  • He's fully aware what clan he really is, he just claims Caitiff for reasons unknown
  • "Dude, I just saw this dude pump out 100 push ups, then shotgun a beer. He's such a Chad!" - Grendel

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"Bro, that lady there is an Elder of the Camarilla, so you treat the dame with some respect or you end up tasting ash in your throat. Sure she's a haughty bitch, and once you're out of ear shot voice it. But if you're in their court, you play by their rules"

"Bro, that there is a neonate of the Independent Alliance, feel free to call him a C*nt. He'll take it as a compliment"
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OOC Information
Player Rory McIntosh
MES # UK0202-1249
Domain MA-003-D
Storyteller Bri Barnes