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Tremere.PNG Anarch.PNG
Pronouns He/Him
Clan House Carna
Sect Anarch
Sect Faction Anarch Railroad
Social Class Ancilla
Morality Humanity
Position(s) Engineer, Adept (Artificer), Constable

Further Information


Asariel is a man dedicated to duty and the community. He has long put his own needs below that of others. While in the pyramid he never attempted to rise or maneuver within the structured hierarchy. Instead he devoted himself and his time to the study of the crafts of all things metal and how metals could interact with mystical energies.


Has taken the Six Points of Carna and formed an expanded Ideology upon it.

  • All Tremere have a voice. They have the right to use it.
    • All Kindred have a voice, They should have the opportunity to speak up and weigh in on the events surrounding them and the potential that they see. Everyone's skill sets differ. You don't ask a fish how to fly.
  • Oppression is not our birthright. Our Sorcery is our inheritance.
    • While Tremere have long gotten by on the oppression of themselves as a clan and those around them in the hopes of furthering individual power they had forgotten that the mystic nature of their blood and by extension all the mystic abilities of Vitae and the disciplines it grants us. These should be celebrated and studied.
  • Knowledge is not taken. It is to be shared.
    • Knowledge is a commodity that can never be stolen. the attempt to steal it doesn't remove the knowledge from another so it is to be spread as far and wide as is needed. Secrets are valuable but knowledge that can benefit many should never be hoarded, it should be screamed from rooftops and celebrated.
  • Power is not an end. It is a means.
    • Lust for power can never truly be sated if all one seeks is power. But if one seeks power in the attempt and means of using it to accomplish goals then it can be sated like a full stomach.
  • Leaders should always expect respect. They should not always expect compliance.
    • As a leader you should have earned your position and deserve the respect it deserves but it does not give you the right to impose your will upon others. Leadership comes with the expectation of actually leading not demanding.
  • Communities are not built from stone. They are built from flesh, blood, and sacrifice.
    • If all you have is buildings and stone you do not have a community. You have a monument to skill but that is not a community. Community requires people both the living and the dead to build upon the potential until you eventually have a community that shall endure the test of time.
  • "Ah, mon doux ange. Ils sont parfaits, non?"-Oppa"
  • "You are a Very Strange Tremere"-Tahariel

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OOC Information
Player Cody Martin
Pronouns They/Them
MES # US2013060069
Domain AR-012-D
Storyteller Howell Herrin