Archon Ota

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Archon Make Ota
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Pronouns She/Her
Clan Banu Haqim
Sect Camarilla
Social Class Ancilla
Morality Humanity
Position(s) Archon to Her Grace Juliet Parr, Justicar of Clan Malkavian

Further Information


• Notable Status (Fleeting): *Triumphant* for the Final Death of a Sabbat Archbishop in Buenos Aires (2011)

  • 1969 - Date of Embrace
  • 2009 - Broke from Alamut and aligned (Emissary) with the Camarilla
  • 2019 - Elevated to the position of Archon

Embraced in 1969, Make Ota toed the clan line until she broke from Alamut and aligned (Emissary) with the Camarilla in 2009.

Elevated from relative obscurity, Ota was named Archon in 2019

  • A ‘poet warrior’, rumored to have studied lost arts associated with Far Eastern meditation.
  • Famous For: On the verge of Final Death herself, Ota’s last efforts to defend herself destroyed a Sabbat Archbishop leading the counter-offensive against Prince Alexandria in Bueno Aires.
  • Missing; last known location Thermopolis, WY.

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OOC Information
Portrayed by AANST NPCs
Portrayer's Pronouns She/Her
Portrayer's MES Number US2002021570
NST Nationalia S. Teller

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