Archon Mehrian

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Archon Shapoor Mehrian
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Clan Banu Haqim
Sect Camarilla
Social Class Pretender Elder
Morality Humanity
Position(s) Archon to Her Grace Diana Iadanza, Justicar of Clan Toreador

Further Information


• Notable Status (Fleeting): *Defender* by Her Grace Iadanza for Torporing the Grangrel Childe of Karsh (2012)

  • 1859 - Date of Embrace
  • 2011 - Elevated to the position of Servire.

Embraced in 1859, Shapoor Mehrian was the second son of a wealthy spice mogul with a chip on his shoulder.

Mehrian effectively served as muscle-for-hire for several decades; mentored by Council of Scrolls Member Zane Bevan. After he was elevated to Servire in 2011, Mehrian exceled in bringing pain to those who deserved it, though he was wise enough to know when to do so.

  • Replaced his Archon after the predecessor’s untimely demise.
  • Famous For: Led the less-than-formal hunt for Karsh’s Childe following Her Grace Iadanza’s elevation to Justicar; rumor has it he personally sharpened Her Grace’s axe.
  • Missing; last known location Twin Falls, ID.

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OOC Information
Portrayed by AANST NPCs
Portrayer's Pronouns She/Her
Portrayer's MES Number US2002021570
NST Nationalia S. Teller

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