Against All Odds

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Against All Odds

Adren.png Bone Gnawer.png Theurge.png Homid.png

Character Name Michael Wolfe
Pronouns He/Him // They/Them
Tribe Bone Gnawer
Auspice Theurge
Breed Homid
Rank Adren
Faction Concordat of Stars
Gaian Alliance
Position(s) Master of Rites, Sept of the Caravan & pack-member of Working on It.

Further Information


Against All Odds is a quiet, brooding, young man with dark eyes and a shaved head. He has not spoken a word in his homid form since the death and disappearance of his parents when he was a teenager unless those words are Sacred Ones. He claims he made a pact with a spirit that he upholds to this day and so far has only spoken in Rituals, Moots, or when speaking to Spirits.

  • 1998-2004 - A new birth of garou is predicted as the Apocalypse draws near. The Wyrm’s forces push even harder as the Big Dig creeps closer to their Hive and losses begin to mount. The Fianna’s pride pushed them to the forefront of the fights, taking terrible casualties while the Bone Gnawers were overwhelmed dealing with the banes that hit the poor and downtrodden. The Glass Walkers were also under pressure, but their war was a war of influence and mortals, reducing their casualties.
  • 2000 - BORN Michael Wolfe to Krista & Marcus Wolfe. Krista is Glasswalker kinfolk, Marcus is a Fianna Ragabash.
  • Dec, 2007 - The Big Dig is finished, after years of political and financial war. The Big Dig is ultimately barely a success in the eyes of the mortal population. On the Gaian front, it was another war lost. The Hive was able to divert the actual project around one of the main entrances into their labyrinthine mazes. Red Tape, now an Athro, begins to formulate a plan; if we cannot get to them, we will contain them.
  • 2011 - As the gnositic Plague ravages the land, the garou of the area try to hold the line. By the middle of February, minor caerns on the outskirts die out and the defenders move inwards into Boston, determined to hold there. While the additional bodies help keep the caern alive longer, by the ides of March, the Caern in the Public Gardens fails. Many move on to other battlefields, determined to keep fighting elsewhere while some stay to try and keep the city from falling to the Wyrm. Red Tape, and Inheritor of Legacy, Adren Philodox Silver Fang and their packs decide to stay, declaring that they and their pack will hold until the city falls. The few bone gnawers and fianna that did not leave are conscripted by Red Tape or Inheritor of Legacy.
  • Mar, 2012 - With the world saved, many Glass Walkers return to Boston, determined to rebuild better than ever. The Caern was made once, it could be made again. Major debates begin about where such a caern could be nurtured and Glass Walkers in MIT begin to research the gnostic plague.
  • June, 2012 - Red Tape, with the backing of Inheritor, petitioned for a Caern Seed from the Sept of the Crescent Moon. After weeks of intense deliberation, the petition is granted.
  • July 4, 2012 - Night the Weaver Sang. While no one knows for certain, it is estimated that 90% of the Kinfolk in the city vanish. The numbers might be much lower, as the attempts to get an accurate number were done years later. The kin that were known to have survived escaped due to the careful planning and preparation that the Sept had developed during the apocalypse.
  • July 5, 2012 - The Sept goes dark. No communications, no messages, no nothing. Two days later, Kinfolk and Garou in the other areas of the city receive one radio broadcast from Boston. “This is Red Tape. Whoever hears this message, the Sept has fallen. Stay away. Do not approach. I repeat, the Sept has fallen. They-” The message was not repeated.
    • MICHAEL IS SHUFFLED FROM PACK TO PACK AS THEY STRUGGLE TO SURVIVE, they debate putting him into foster care or getting him adopted by another kinfolk family somewhere else. There just isn’t time to arrange the adoption or placement of Michael and they’re afraid they will lose him in the foster care system. Michael is useful as a kinfolk though and is willing to support the packs he finds himself with as needed. The loss of his parents wounds him deeply, but he doesn’t want to deal with it or face it. He has had nightmares for years about being alone and abandoned.
  • Jan 12, 2013 - A delegation from the Sept of the Crescent Moon arrived; apparently no one told them the sept had been destroyed. Rather than turn around, it was decided that a local Silver Fang led pack, Primum Pugnare, would take the seed. A scouting mission was needed to see if the seed could be planted and a new Caern raised. Quicksilver, Adren Silver Fang Ragabash, led the mission and found no enemies or clues of what had happened.
  • Feb 14, 2013 - After a month of no enemy activity, it was decided to attempt to plant the Seed. The pack entered the heart of Boston, guided by another local pack, The Townies, which was lead by “This Fahkin` Guy Elder, Ahroun, Bone Gnawer. Communication was lost abruptly with the pack. Attempts by other packs to enter the city quickly revealed that the heart of Boston could no longer be entered safely; entering the city meant leaving with heavy wounds or not at all. The enemies were unwilling to show themselves and were believed to be of the Weaver.
  • Nov 1, 2014 -The middle sections of Boston become dangerous to enter. The Garou abandoned Boston. The Garou were now on the losing side of the war and any attempts to breach the city felt like another pyrrhic victory.
  • 2015-2020 - New packs formed on the outskirts of the city, working to hold the line where they could. Packs learned that staying in one place for more than a season drew enemy attention from both the Wyrm and Weaver.
  • 2018 - FIRST CHANGE, 18yo
  • 2019 - CLIATH –Sent to retrieve a piece of information that the leaders of the packs locally needed. When things went sideways, all of the cubs on the mission together survived because of Michael's quick thinking and knowledge of the city itself. They all returned having worked together and retrieved the knowledge they were tasked to against all odds. Michael is given the deed name, AGAINST ALL ODDS as he joins the Bone Gnawer Tribe.
  • 2020 - FOSTERN - Helped a weakened wylde spirit recover and grow strong. Protected and nurtured it.
  • 2021 - Learns From the Past, a Fostern, Ahroun of the Uktena, identified older caern locations around the city and called for unification of local packs. They hoped to set up these old places as temporary meeting points for the war to retake the city.
    • ADREN – Leads a group of Theurges in helping to clear out an old caern location of bane spirits and wyrm taint.
  • 2022
    • June - The call goes out to the Nation to reclaim Boston as its lands have laid fallow for too long, allowing the Weaver to sit and grow fat.
    • July - Named Father (worthy) during a moot in the Sept of the Lonely Mountain
    • August - Named the Heart (paragon) of the Stone Soup Moot during the gathering at the Great Caern held by the Bonegnawers
    • August - During the trip to the Realms Celestial, Mercury gave him a Token of Mercury's Favor and called AAO "his favorite Bonegnawer."
  • 2023
    • Early 2023 - Dissolved Snack Pack and joined the pack, Working On It.
    • May - Helped with the rescue of Gaian's being experimented on by agents of the Static Weaver at MIT.

Born in 2000 to a Fianna Ahroun father and a Glasswalker Kinfolk mother. His mother disappeared the night of the One Song with other Kinfolk and his father fell in the attacks on the Boston Sept a few days later. Michael was shuffled from pack to pack as a young kinfolk teenager. He earned the deed name Against All Odds when he and several other cubs survived their Rite of Passage when things went sideways. Michael joined the Bonegnawers because of the raw survivability he had witnessed in their Tribe while he was a Kinfolk and a Cub.

OOC Information
Player Chris R
Pronouns They/Them
MES # 2003041486
Domain MA-003-D
Storyteller Dan C