Abaddon Amon

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The Basics

Name: Abaddon Amon

Notable Traits: Appearance Focus

Society: Camarilla

Clan: Banu Haqim


He often uses Obfuscate when in public to not appear as himself but as a rather generic individual, otherwise, he usually does not make use of the discipline when around others of his kind.

He typically wears a black vest with a hood, jeans and a t-shirt.

Basic Timeline

1950 – Born Benjamin Murphy in Boston, MA

1968 – Joined the army and was sent to Vietnam

1972 – While in Vietnam after a few months of particularly brutal fighting that decimated much of his platoon, and with orders to withdraw from the area, he refuses to kill innocent civilians in a village. The three remaining others from the platoon beat him almost to death and leave him just outside the village.

1972 – Found and ghouled by his sire (Leaving this open for potential PC sire)

1979 – Embraced, takes on a new name for his new life

1985 – With sponsorship of his sire and his dedication to the clan he joins the Web of Knives

2005 – Infiltrates the Sabbat and slowly begins to eliminate members when given an opportunity

2013 – Runs afoul of Paul Hawkins one evening when the Sabbat were being routed. Manages to convince the Nosferatu that he is not true to the Sabbat. The outcome is that he owes a debt to the position of Prince and that he will join the Camarilla 2013 –Joins the Camarilla

2015 – Haskins makes Abaddon Sheriff of Springfield

2023 – With the loss of both the Seneschal and Prince Abaddon is concerned about his future in Springfield and what the loss of the Camarilla authority will mean for the city

OOC Information

Player: Paul Crawford - US2002022554

Player Email: abaddon.amon.mes@gmail.com

Storyteller: Joshua Smith

Storyteller Email: sunderedlands.masq.2020@gmail.com

Location: Springfield, MA