Aadeel Daher

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Aadeel Daher
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Pronouns He/Him
Clan Banu Haqim Vizier
Sect Camarilla
Social Class Ancilla
Morality Humanity
Position(s) Primogen

Further Information


A slender dark-skinned man wearing a simple black suit with a splash of color in the tie.

  • 1822 - Born in the Ethiopia
  • 1840 - Ghouled and brought to The Mountain to serve the Banu Haqim
  • 1845 - Embraced
  • 1999 - Escapes The Mountain with Al-Ashrad and the Vizier caste. Is welcomed into the Camarilla with other Schismatics.
  • 2003 - Travels to the chaos of Western Massachusetts to help provide support for Paul Hawkins' resistance to Sabbat rule.
  • 2013 - The Sabbat falls. Paul Hawkins claims praxis in Springfield. Aadeel becomes Banu Haqim Primogen.

The Primogen of the Banu Haqim in Springfield is studious, strong, and fair. His interest in relics of the Sabbat era is no secret.



OOC Information
Portrayed by Joshua Smith
Portrayer's Pronouns He/Him
Portrayer's MES Number US2016040032
Region Northeast Region
Domain MA-005-D
VST Joshua S (interim)