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Name: Zeke Wylde, The Dragon of the South

Notable Traits: Zeke is 6 feet tall, 220 pounds, Male and Caucasian. Zeke typically appears in loose fitting dark colored modern clothing. Usually quiet and observant, but at times appearing threatening and predatory. Zeke has a Crafts 7 Masterwork tattoo absent sway [Alarm] on his back of a Medieval Dragon breathing fire, which moves and become active when Zeke moves.

Society: Camarilla

Social Class: Ancilla, Prince

Clan: Noiad

Status: Authority, Commander, Sovereign, Honorable by Prince Cantone, Favored by Elder Lord Arbiter Nicodemus Lucre, Triumphant for completing the Bloodhunt on Simon of Clan Malkavian in the domain of Spokane

Zekes Tattoo.webp

  • 1822 Embraced
  • 1822-1824 Under the accounting
  • 1824 Released from the accounting
  • 1832 Randolf Stein encounters Zeke Wylde, Zeke was wild and aggressive, but Randolf saw much more potential then that, he took Zeke under his wing and for the next 5 years sought to mold him into both a refined warrior and scholar. He showed Zeke how to fight, but also how to study your opponent and strategize, control the battle to your advantage, but also how to maintain control of the beast and channel it effectively. These things Zeke took to, and learned from, the problem is Zeke just didn't have the mind of a scholar or philosopher. Zeke begrudgingly first learned to read and write from Randolph and was given an education in mathematics and history. Zeke chaffed at this yoke, claiming such things weren't needed to be a hunter. Randolf told him that there was so much more to unlife then the hunt. Things boiled to a head one day in the summer of 1837 Zeke challenged Randolf to a fight, wanting to prove his way was the right way. Randolf begrudgingly accepted and soundly defeated Zeke in one on one combat. This left a bitter taste in Zeke's mouth, one he just couldn't accept.
  • 1838 1 year later Zeke left to his own devices, setting off into the world to show his mentor that Zeke's way was the right way. Over the decades to come Randolf has reached out to Zeke, trying to reign him back in and mold him into the student and person that Randolf knows he can be. At times Zeke takes to this for a few months, even a year, but it always boils back down to a fight and Zeke wandering off. There relationship is best described as one that is strained, Randolf wanting what he sees is best for Zeke and the potential he as, and Zeke refusing Randolf's view of him.
  • 1849 Zeke witnesses the fires of St. Louis and finds out about the "untimely" death of Prince Maxamillian Graves. Dante Jackson of Clan Brujah seizes Praxis the same night. Zeke to this day believes that Dante Jackson murdered the Prince that granted his acknowldgement.
  • 1863 Zeke meets Mertin Freiherr Putkamer Ancilla Toreador during the American Civil War during this time they worked together freeing slaves attempting to escape from the south.
  • 1915 Zeke met Nicodemus Lucre of Clan Ventrue on the fields of battle in WWI in Argentina. Impressed by his nature and authority of command Zeke served under him for the remainder of the war, acting as a front line fighter and tracker for Nicodemus when so ordered hunting kindred.
  • 1925-1940 Zeke Wylde meets Grifo Lyon Peppin Martel of Clan Ventrue in Germany before WWII. Zeke came to be employed in the services of Architect Martel acting as a bodyguard and tracker for over a decade.
  • 1967 Zeke discovers his Noiad heritage by meeting a fellow Noiad, Zeke embraces his bloodline and seems somewhat different to other kindred afterwards, notably wearing a Trident necklace and having a strong respect for the waters.
  • 1970 Zeke aids and assists the growing environmental movements, namely those involving water pollution, actively speaks out against Kindred who exploit the waters and are involved in polluting them.
  • 1975 Zeke is publicly warned for openly insulting and threatening an elder in St. Louis who owned businesses contributing to polluting the Mississippi river.
  • 1980 Zeke is rumored and accused of being responsible for destroying several facilities in St. Louis tied to river pollution, no formal charges are ever presented against Zeke by Camarilla officers.
  • 2008 Artemisia ‘The Virago’ Apollo commanded a unit that became known as ‘The Spearhead’ and earned a reputation for their dangerous prowess and ruthless efficiency, both in breaking Sabbat battle lines and eliminating high-value enemy targets within the Sabbat’s command structure. Within this unit, Zeke Wylde earned their own reputation as a dangerous and ferocious combatant beyond anyone but perhaps Artemisia herself and was given a moniker to match: The Dragon of the South. Outnumbered, but perhaps not out-matched, the New Mexico front of the Coalition forces deployed their influences to evacuate major population centers and keep mortals out of the path of the Sabbat. This tactic both preserved innocent lives and prevented the Sabbat from effectively replenishing their ranks as more and more of them fell to the hit-and-run tactics of the Coalition forces. Finally, when the enemy was weakened enough, it was time for the final assault: the Coalition forces slipped past the main Sabbat fighting-force and into Sabbat-controlled territory. They seized Las Cruces from the light Sabbat garrison that occupied it, making enough noise to compel urgency from the enemy without showing their true hand, then dug in and prepared for the Sabbat to counter-attack. Just as the Commanders had predicted, the moment Archbishop Erich the Red heard about the occupation he wheeled his own forces (including himself and his Bishop of War) toward Las Cruces and rushed forward to reclaim the supply-line into Mexico. And just as planned, the Spearhead was ready for him. Waiting along the most likely path the Sabbat would take back to Las Cruces, the small tactical unit ambushed the Sabbat vanguard. Half of The Spearhead gave their lives in the fierce and brutal combat following the ambush, but their sacrifice was not in vain. The Archbishop fell to the claws and teeth of Zeke Wylde, The Dragon of the South, and Artemisia slew the Bishop of War as they attempted to flee the battle. In this single fell swoop, the Sabbat Vanguard and their most important leadership was utterly demolished.
  • 2015 Zeke shows up to a gathering with a new clanmate Khloe Fox aka "Foxy". She has no memory of what happens and Zeke claims to have saved her from a Sabbat pack, she is seen always at his side ever since.
  • 2016 Zeke aids James Fairweather in his Praxis bid, Zeke is rewarded with Scourge of the city of St. Louis for his loyalty.
  • 2020 Zeke moves to Harmony Island with James Fairweather and takes up residence there.
  • 2021 In March Zeke lays claim to the Camarilla Praxis of Harmony City.
  • 2021 April, Zeke becomes Triumphant for completing the Bloodhunt on Simon of Clan Malkavian in the domain of Spokane



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Friends and Allies:

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  • "No you can't go with me, its not because your a woman, its because you can't fucking fly." - Zeke Wylde
  • "Please, by all means run, chasing you down is my favorite part." - Zeke Wylde
  • "A suit? No I don't feel like playing dress up." - Zeke Wylde
  • "This is the part where you run, I chase you, and you die. Start running." - Zeke Wylde
  • "Zeke is the best reconnaissance Knight I have. Sometimes he is more daring than he needs to be. But,whatever he may lack in discipline he makes up for in dedication and instinct." - Lord Arbiter Nicodemus Lucre.
  • "I'd believe it if you told me someone flushed him down the toilet when he was a baby. I'm glad he's on our side." - Zoltan Vancura
  • "Zeke?" (tail wag) Yeah I know Zeke. Hes really good at fixing problems so if you have a problem ask him about it. Oh but just make sure its not stupid. He hates that and it annoys him. When hes mad or annoyed it scares some people. But hes really not that scary." - Khloe Fox
  • "Ruthlessly efficient, unhesitatingly obedient, but not to a fault. Good man. - Grifo Léon Pippin Martel
  • "He learned from one of the best men I know. I certainly sleep better knowing he's patrolling the domain, but I wouldn't want to be on his bad side." - Ivy Lynne Gatwood
  • * "Zeke? Yeah, I know him. He's one of the best hunters I've worked with. Taught me that outside of the box thinking can be essential on the battlefield." - Rowan St. Cyr
  • "He learns fast and hasn't forgotten." - Hari
  • "WAIT Zeke Wylde YOURE FUCKING CAM? HOW! Shit okay I like one Cam person you got me!" Joan Jordan
  • "I get it, look at him and he can fly and turn into a dragon? Alas he is otherwise preoccupied." - Kenneth Bilge
  • "I thank you for your kindness. The will to win is important, but the will to prepare is vital." Revinaka
  • "The first man I think of if I need recon done or someone hunted. He's got a knack for scenting people." Katherine Davis
  • " He is a dear friend to me, true in intent and deed, I would trust him with my life" James Alexander Fairweather
  • "To put it mildly, he's a total badass." Meir Cohen
  • "How do I describe Zeke? I think I heard these words at an Anarch gathering recently: Fuck up and find out. Yes, that's Zeke." Orion
    • "Bro, it's Fuck Around, Find Out." - Craig, translated from ASL

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  • Zeke embraced Khloe without right of Progeny
  • Zeke is a Setite
  • Zeke blood bound Khloe
  • Zeke and Khloe are Paramours
  • Zeke's haven is in the Mississippi River somewhere
  • For a Noiad Zeke hates the water and doens't have an aquatic form
  • Each of Zeke's animalistic features aside from his eyes showed up as a result of diablerie
  • Zeke was in a different sect before he went into the "Accounting"
  • Zeke's Sire was murdered by Tremere and that is why he hates them
  • Zeke hunts kindred for sport, his favorite prey is Tremere
  • Zeke was drowned by his sire just before he was embraced
  • Zeke killed his sire
  • Zeke is a descendant of a powerful Gangrel named Fallen, who bears the same animal form.
  • Zeke knows the best places to find sweet treats and fun.
  • Zeke always wears the same hoodie at all times because he secretly got a Tremere to ward it and is afraid to wash the ward away.

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