Miguel de la Vega

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Character Information

Name: MIguel de la Vega

Clan: Salubri

Faction: None

Neonate Appears 24

Sect Anarchs

Personality Constantly reading to improve himself. Fairly quiet from time to time

Notable Traits:

  • Has a scar across his left eye
  • Usually wears some sort of hat, or bandanna
  • Very non-descript overall


  • 1735 – Born
  • 1754 – Signs up for French and Indian War (pending VIP approval)
  • 1775 – Signs up for US Marines at Tuns Tavern (pending VIP approval)
  • 1780 – Embraced
  • 1812 – fights guerilla warfare as part of the War of 1812
  • 1814 (Dec) takes part in the Battle of New Orleans (pending VIP approval)
  • 1816 – Goes west to live amongst the Comanche Indians
  • 1860 – Departs the Americas to go to Europe.
  • 1918 – Comes back to America post WWI to help with the Spanish Influenza
  • 1943 - Whereabouts unknown
  • 1974 - reappears in San Francisco, appearing on a transport from VietNam



  • "I will fucking end you."
  • "If I wanted your opinion ... no, wait, I don't"
  • "The only good thing about three eyes is that I got great depth perception."

Ties Sought

  • past coterie mates
  • Frienemies

OOC Information

Player: Walter Holt

Email: Walter.Camarilla@gmail.com

Member Number: Us2002022592

ST Email: Joshua Berthelot