Luka Giovanni

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Luka Giovanni
Giovanni.PNG Independent Alliance.PNG
Pronouns he/him/his
Clan Giovanni
Clan Faction Society of the Crypt
Sect Independent Alliance
Social Class Ancilla
Morality Humanity
Coterie Green Carnation Club

Further Information


1506 – Born at a Rossellini Estate near Vo', Italy 1518 – Mother is Killed in Venice – Father is killed soon after – becomes ward of his Grandmother Maddalena 1522 – Enters the University of Padua to read Law 1539 – Takes over his families stables 1540 – Given the Proxy Kiss by Maddalena 1543 – Marries 1545 – Begins network to help homosexuals escape prosecution; funds monasteries in North Inishkea, Ireland, Locri, Italy, and Split, Croatia. 1600 – Traveled to Fontainebleau as part of Queen Marie de' Medici court 1660 – Moved to Syracuse to help integrate the Puttanesca into the Giovanni family 1700 – Moved to Edinburgh; Heavily donates to the University of Edinburgh ;Helped to integrate the Dunsirn into the Giovanni Family 1717 – Moved to Bath to integrate the St. john into the Giovanni family 1720 – Embraced by Emilio 1850 – Moved to La Paz to evaluate the Hidalgo for integration into the Giovanni 1915 – Cleared out the Italian homes due to WWI 1920 – Moved to Atlanta 1929 – Begin Working with the Milliner 1935 – Begin working with the Rothstein 1939 – Opened several farms and businesses across Georgia to sponsor visas for Europeans


Luka has always had interest in high Society, Animal breeding, ghouls, bloodlines & lineages, magic, and queer liberation

since his Embrace, Luka’s estates have always been a place for Giovanni who need to rest after scandal or setbacks to convalesce and reinvent themselves


Luka have human trafficking rings all over the North America and Europe

Luka is already board of his current lovers and is looking for his next heart to break
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  • "The scent of lavender, the sound of wind chimes on a gentle summer breeze, and the feel of soft cotton sheets always remind me of Luka Giovanni. Whatever he might be for you, for me, he will always be my first love." -- Claude de Bourbon
  • “He is dear to my heart, my sire, my brother, always accepting me for who I am, even when it could be a disaster for both of us.” - Ava Rothstein
  • If I needed proof that the world had gone mad, it was being lectured on my inhumanity by a Giovanni." - Zoltan Vancura
  • "A knife is a versatile weapon. A fine blade can be used to save a life in a doctor's hands as well as it can be used to end one in an assassin's. How could I not see the beauty in such a dichotomy?" - Nissim Melamed

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OOC Information
Player [1]
Pronouns he/him
MES # US2003071807
Domain Example Domain, AB
Storyteller Kevin R