Kudret bin Yusef

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Clan: Banu Haqim

Social Status: Luminary Elder

Sect: Camarilla

Description and Quirks: Always dressed comfortably, Kudret is relaxed and at ease in almost any social situation. So long as proper social decorum is observed, he's equally polite to all social classes and sects. Don't misuse economic terms or take quotes out of context, though. He hates that.


Kudret was active in the Mediterranean for most of a millennium, either sailing with his merchant ships, or directing his business from Cairo. He developed a number of friendships, some expected, others...a bit odd, over the years, and for a number of centuries provided impeccable, Kindred-safe transportation services throughout the region. He retreated to the Mountain in 1952, after the Black Saturday uprising in Cairo and did not emerge until 1999, when he joined the rest of the Schismatics in seeking a place in the Camarilla.

Rumors or Truth?

What is written upon the Scrolls

Where the Merchant has traveled


Player: Liam K. (US2002022071)

Player Email: wereguy@gmail.com


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