Jean Baptiste Bordeaux

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Jean Baptiste Bordeaux
Samedi.PNG Independent Alliance.PNG
Pronouns He/him
Clan Samedi
Sect Independent Alliance
Social Class Ancilla
Morality Humanity

Further Information

  • Born: 1838
  • Begins working for a crypt building company run by a free woman of color who uses her wealth to buy and free slaves and employ them: 1853
  • Becomes a foreman of the company and begins to use keys to sneak into construction sites after hours to sit amongst the dead: 1858
  • Gets caught by owner one night, but instead of getting fired, they begin a torrid love affair: 1859
  • Drafted in confederate army: 1860
  • Participates in the Battle of Gettysburg but disillusioned with the less sophisticated and callous soldiers: 1861
  • Deserts the Confederate Army and joins the Union en route to take New Orleans: 1862
  • Remains stationed in New Orleans partly to help prevent injustices caused by Union occupation, partly to stay in contact with his love: 1863
  • Resumed mortuary work after the war: 1865
  • Joins the New Orleans Police and Militia when Longstreet is commissioned, due to his promise to desegregate the force: 1872
  • Participates in the Battle of Liberty Place, where he take a grievous wound trying to protect a black officer: 1874
  • Dying, taken to the Charity Hospital, his lover visits him and saves his life with an Embrace, revealing she’s a Samedi, and the future needs more people willing to fight the way he has: 1875
  • Works as mercenary for his lover and the Clan Samedi at large: 1876
  • Under pressure from the Giovanni locals, separates from his love to move to a shack in Hammond: 1891
  • After the intense hurricane seasons in 1909, begins to roam up the eastern seaboard, taking contracts along the way: 1915
  • Takes no permanent home but continues to work across the country, giving oppressed Anarchs substantial discounts: 1944
  • During the great proliferation of Caitiffs of the Week of Nightmares, begins to stand up for them: 1999
  • His love, a pretender elder, ceases contact sudden, most likely disappearing in the Beckoning: 2011
  • Judges the Samedi begging to join the Camarilla, especially at the site of the massive slave revolt: 2015
  • Declines invitation to join the IA, seeing it as a trap or political move, even though his surviving elder does: 2018
  • Begins to contact other recent signees of the IA to see their thoughts: 2019
  • One of his contacts, a Lahmia, marries a Giovanni in Denver, and the Giovanni pays to take his name. Seeing this as a sign of the trust of IA, he heads west: 2021


Responsible for the dying words of murdered Police chief David C Hennessey in order to strike at Giovanni in New Orleans
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OOC Information
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Player Alex Goldsmith
Pronouns He/him
MES # US2019010021
Domain CO-016-D
Storyteller Stacy Deloria