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-Fabrizo Ulfila

-James Alexander Fairweather

-Brood mate: Lord Arbiter Nicodemus Lucre

-Childer Andvari Aswamain, Camarilla

-Childer Valkyrie Venture, Unaligned

-Childer Unknown, Deceased

-Childer Unknown, Alive

-Grandchilder Lady Diana, Camarilla

-Great Grandchilder Prince Merrick

-Great Grandchilde to the 4th degree Jonas Sinclair


Character Information

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Name: James Alexander Fairweather

Embraced 400 C.E.

Clan: Crusader Ventrue

Social Status Luminary Elder

Sect Artarkus

Domain Harmony island

Society Teloah de Canilu

Notable Traits: Glowing Golden Iris, Commonly seen smoking a pipe

Business Owned

  • The Tower of St. Louis
  • Castle in the mountain range outside Geneva on Mt. Blanc
  • The Teloah De Canilu

Known to the Society

  • James Alexander Fairweather, An elder of the clan of kings, a magi in a society he has built, and a prince of his realm.

They say his glowing eyes run in those of his line, something in the blood of that king. He learned magic in his early years after the embrace. With that magic he held his slice of the world, and with that magic he formed a society to fight the evil forces that would destroy us all.

Some say he is mad for his ambition, some say he is a traditionalist bound by honor, those that know him say he is a magi of the Teloah.

He holds a love of the arena, for the honor in the combat. He is known for training countless fighters that have learned to achieve greatness under his tutelage. Rumors say this king holds a bond to the arena that is shrouded in his past, but few dare to ask this elder of his story. He is scarred heavily over the recent years. The origin of the scars isn't widely known, but those that have heard the tale say it is one of pain. There are those that call this magi friend, and they know that an ally of this king will always be able to count on this man bound by his ancient honor and his passions.

  • Prince of St. Louis upon the year 2016 till December 14th, 2020
  • Prince of Harmony City Upon the year of 2021
  • Hosted the Harmony Accords on December 14th of 2020, a sizable event that hosted leadership from around the country and revived many notable signers .
  • Knight of the Order of the Sacred Shield.
  • Left the Ivory Tower in the year 2021 CE.


  • "Elder Fairweather isn't a Ventrue as he has displayed multiple paths of Thaumaturgy."
  • "Prince Fairweather has diablerized Thaumaturges of every clan to learn their blood magics."
  • "Fairweather has a bunch of retainers that follow him around in Obfuscate, using their Thaumaturgy to make him seem like a powerful wizard."
  • "Fairweather is actually an Assamite sorcerer who had Forgotten Mind used to make him think he is a Ventrue."
  • "His eyes glow golden because and Angel blessed him with sight beyond sight."
  • "He was on Path of Night at one point in his past."
  • "James Fairweather is not his real name."
  • "His eyes are said to be of liquid gold, how else you think he attained his wealth this long."


" One of my favorite Ventrue, he doesn't act like a King, he is a King. I'd gladly kill for the man." Zeke Wylde
" I knew it...the secret is out. Every one of us is really some superpower trope going on. I'm calling Fairweather out as Odin and Hades decided to have a love child and here is Fairweather." Genesis
"Riddle me this: what do you call a Cainite who does the right thing for the wrong reason? I don't know either! I do enjoy his hospitality, though I'll have to become a better chess player if he keeps inviting me to visit." Bob
“ Those eyes will be the death of me.” Katherine Davis
"His terror is such a pleasure. I'm the only one that gets to kill him." -Hari
"Fairweather is... I have a deep appreciation for all he has done for me... though I wish he didn't try and endure alone..." Alice Vermeer
"Indeed, dear James is one that shall be remembered for the deeds he has done." -Pythia
"The most interesting Ventrue I have ever met. A rare and kindred spirit." -Orion
"The guy is the very embodiment of the phrase 'Go big, or go home. I don't think the word 'small' actually exists in his world." Jericho
"James has literally been to Hell and back and survived. I admire him very much..." Lady Diana
"I can only hope to have half the swagger that this gallant Luminary Elder of my noble Ventrue House has. Maybe I should pick up smoking a pipe? He makes it look cool." Meir Cohen
"Elder Fairweather is not a man, he is a spider. He sits in the center of his deep web of a thousand strings and plucks each of them to make all those around him dance to his tune. The song is haunting, and quite pleasurable to the senses when it all merges together." Revinaka
"I've been taught to be warry of Ventrue, particularly Elder ones, but Elder Fairweather seems to be an exception to the rule. He doesn't openly judge based on sect or clan but by the substance of ones character, that's something I can respect." Luna LaVey
"You looked in my soul and found parts of me I believed were long gone. I looked at you and found something I’ve never experienced.” - Katherine Davis


Teloah de Canilu

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