Elijah Coyle

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Elijah Coyle

Adren.png Uktena.png Galliard.png Homid.png

Deed Name Words in the Wind
Pronouns He/Him
Tribe Uktena
Camp Web Walker
Auspice Galliard
Breed Homid
Rank Adren
Faction Gaian Alliance
Pack Stalkers of the Green

Further Information


Elijah Coyle stands at 5'7 and appears to be approximately 160 pounds. He has dark brown hair and eyes. He appears to be someone that is a mix of Caucasian and Native American descent. He tends to wear blue jeans and a t-shirts.


May 4, 1999: Was born under a Gibbous moon to a Garou family in which he was able to learn about the Garou Nation early in his life.

Aug, 11, 2016: Went through his first change.

February 1, 2017: Passed his rite of passage and became a Cliath.

December 1, 2017: Successfully achieved the rank of Fostern.

December 12, 2017: Attended a meeting called by the Elder Kitsune Sakura Takahashi, where he got to witness and learn "the gift", Rite of Harmonious Journey, which came from the East. (National Historical Game)


"That fucker shot a fireball at me!" said when a Drone attempted to attack Elijah by surprise.
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OOC Information
Player RayS
Pronouns he/him
MES # US2006078242
Domain KY-004-D
Storyteller Ashley Oliver